Travel, share, discover

Keep all your trip notes handy in one place: route, plan, budget, pack lists, notes or images. Travel: mark beautiful places, record your trails and add notes. Share and find new places to visit.


Get ready

Wherever you go, vacation with kids or sailing trip: you need to be prepared. Before you go, plan your route, budget, list of things to take, things to do before the trip and others.


While on the road: add memories notes, images, mark on the map places worth to visit, record your trails.


Ready to share your experience with others? Make a preview, edit and make it public. You always can update or remove it.


Plan to go far or local? Search for adventures other travellers shared.


  • Travel-n-share helps to find the latest travel stories, images, places worth to visit or trails in the area of your interest. Search by address, point on the map or your location. Add radius to search around the destination to discover even more. Bookmark the trip you like, and use it as guide for your new adventure. If you like (or dislike) the published content: please rate it accordingly.

  • Be a part of travellers community. Share a story about your recent travel adventure. Create a trip, add your notes and pictures, mark beatiful places and record the trails you walked. Safely make a preview, edit and publish. You always can update or remove it.

  • Use Travel-n-share app as a personal trip planner. Keep all your trip notes handy in one place: route, trip plan, planned and actual budgets, preparation actions, save and reuse pack lists, add notes or images.

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